Current Executive Board

President : Georges Pigoue

Vice President : Jean – Claude Eyaye

 Secretary : Mrs Alice Dzudie

Treasurer : Mrs Huguette Mbaipeur

Director of marketing and communications: Elisee Ngangue

Financial Secretary : Victor Nkameni

Director of Projects : Gautier Djeukam

Director of Discipline : Carlos Paguy


Leopold Poutougnini

Dr Emmanuel Mbobda

                           Advisory Council Members

Paul Ebong

Vincent Nche

Appolinaire Atangana

               Executive Board 2017 – 2018

President : Mr Armand Ngonga

Vice President : Mr Frank Betcheke

Secretary : Mrs Alice Dzudie

Treasurer : Mrs Huguette Mbaipeur


Mrs Florence Ngolah

Dr Emmanuel Mbobda

                         Advisory Council Members

Dr Awah Sidjeck

Mr Jean-Claude Eyaye

Dr Cyprian Ngolah

               Executive Board 2015 – 2017

President :Dr Awah Mfossi Sidjeck

Vice President : Mr Vincent Che

Secretary : Mr Bertrand Nyemeck

Treasurer : Mr Anne Yimwo

Financial Secretary : Mrs Suzanne Ngo Likaa

Director of Discipline : Mr Akwalla Johaness

Director of Communication and Public Relations : Mr Gautier Djeukam

Director of Projects : Vacant

            Advisory Council Member

Dr Cyprian Ngolah

Mr Cletus Chesami

Mr Jean-Claude Eyaye